Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Back in 1994

It was a cold September day...the mist of a breeze my only comfort.

Fate rode in on clouds of grace that day to take you blood.

I had been away in Oklahoma...chasing a dream and running from ghosts....

.....its a ghost town where i'm from!.

The lillies seemed to weep at your the sun hung low to the earth....

at your wake.

I pondered.....could a memory of your face replace, the tangible smile

from your angelic face???

and will the roses bloom in remembrance of you??

with the lillies i weep...i weep.. i weep.

Your In my heart , my love , my blood

like a giant childhood scar

just you and the misty breeze

my only comforters, my only comfort....

...dear cousin. Greatly missed! Greatly missed! on this cold September day.

1 comment:

  1. That poem is awesome! It really makes you think about life and death. Keep writing!